Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Counts - Funk Pump (1974)

The Counts began life in Detroit in 1968 as the Fabulous Counts. In their original incarnation, they were well know for their instrumental prowess, and for backing up solo artists visiting the Detroit area. After releasing the album "Jan, Jan" with Cotillion in 1969, the group moved to Westbound Records, dropping the "Fabulous" from their name, but not from their music. They only released one album with Westbound before moving on again to Aware Records in Atlanta (Westbound chose to focus on Ohio Players and Funkadelic at their expense). None of the three funk albums released by the Counts in the early 70's sold spectacularly, but all charted. The group split up in 1976. The Counts' sound is full-on funky groove - part blaxploitation, part Fatback, part Kool And The Gang - with toe tapping basslines, wa-wa guitars and soaring horns. The slow, jazzy groover "Tecalli" is worth the price of admission all by itself, while the title track, "Magic Ride" and "Flies Over Watermelon" are also strong efforts.

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