Monday, 23 May 2011

Tom Scott & The L.A. Express - Tom Scott & The L.A. Express (1974)

Saxophonist Tom Scott is probably best known for his TV series compositions, including the theme songs for "Starsky & Hutch" and "The Streets of San Francisco." As a teen, Tom led a jazz ensemble called the Neoteric Trio. He was also a "first-call" (high demand) session musician. Over the course of his career, on top of his own solo and lead work, he played back-up to the likes of the Grateful Dead, Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd and Quincy Jones, among others. In 1973, the L.A. Express formed as Tom's backing band. The original lineup featured Max Bennett, John Guerin, Larry Carlton and Joe Sample. This group was short-lived, recording the album "Tom Scott & The L.A. Express" and playing back-up on a number of tracks on Joni Mitchell's "Court And Spark" album. By the time the group's second album "Tom Cat" was recorded, Carlton and Sample had left. The songs on "Tom Scott & The L.A. Express" are all jazz funk instrumentals, with a heavy sax emphasis. Highlights include "L.A. Express," "Strut Your Stuff" and "Sneakin' In The Back" (from which the opening bass riff was sampled by Massive Attack for the song "Blue Lines").

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