Monday, 25 April 2011

George McCrae - Rock Your Baby (1974)

When George McCrae recorded "Rock Your Baby," he had been in the music business off and on for over a decade. He was about to give up on music, with plans to return to college to study law enforcement, when the opportunity to do vocals for the track arose out of the blue. Richard Finch and Harry Wayne Casey of KC & The Sunshine Band had recorded "Rock Your Baby" for their own group, but they couldn't hit the high notes. They were going to have Gwen McCrae, George's wife, sing it, but she was late for the session and George recorded it instead. The song became one of the first hits of the disco era, reaching #1 on both the Black and Billboard Pop singles charts in the US. The follow-up single, "I Can't Leave You Alone," also did relatively well, making it into the Top 10 on the Black Singles chart. The ensuing album, also titled "Rock Your Baby" and no doubt helped along by the first single, was a success, reaching #7 on the Black Album chart.

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