Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Crusaders - Hollywood (1972)

After today's earlier posts of Arthur Adams and Phil Upchurch, another Blue Thumb connection with The Crusaders. The group, together since 1960, dropped the "Jazz" part of their name in 1971 (they had been known as the Jazz Crusaders through the 60's), at the same time shifting from straight ahead jazz to a more jazz-funk style. "Hollywood" was the sophomore effort under that monicker, following on from "Pass The Plate." Both albums were released on the MoWest label, the L.A. subsidiary of Motown. For some reason this album is almost impossible to find in any form, even though most of the other Crusaders albums from the early 70's have been re-released. It's a solid effort, with a re-worked "Spanish Harlem," along with "Try A Little Harder," "Do Yourself A Favour" and "Papa Hooper's Barrelhouse Groove" all standouts. Arthur Adams features with the group for the first time on this album, as he would on a regular basis after the band signed on with Blue Thumb Records a few months later.

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