Sunday, 3 April 2011

Claudia Lennear - Whew! (1973)

Maybe not the face that launched a thousand ships, but certainly the face, body, voice or something that caused two great artists to write two great songs in her honour - Mick Jagger penned "Brown Sugar" for her, and David Bowie "Lady Grinning Soul." This is one of those albums I would have bought as a teen without even hearing a note - the cover is so darn hot! In the years before making "Whew!" (her only album), Lennear worked as a session singer, doing back-up vocals for the likes of Ike & Tina Turner, Leon Russell and Joe Cocker, among others. When it came to this album, she did two sets of songs: one, with Ry Cooder playing guitar and producing, became Side 1, and the other, a suite produced by Allen Toussaint, Side 2. The work with Cooder has a harder, bluesy, rocking feel than does the Tuossaint works, which are slightly more mellow and funky, but the album overall is a strong one.

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