Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Kool And The Gang - Spirit Of The Boogie (1975)

"Spirit Of The Boogie" is a masterpiece that blends an incredible funk sensibility and energy with reverence for the groups musical and ancestral heritage. In 1975, Kool And The Gang were the kings of funk, and this album was their crowning glory. Even James Brown was in awe, saying, "They're the second baddest out there. They make such bad records that you got to be careful when you play a new tape on the way home from the record store. Their groove is so strong you could wreck." The title track made it to #1 on the Black Singles chart, while "Carribean Festival" reached #6. Both songs also did well on the Pop Singles chart. Two album releases in 1976 ("Love & Understanding" and "Open Sesame") were commercially less successful, and marked the end of KATG's funk period, and the beginning or their transition to disco later in the decade.

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