Friday, 21 March 2008

And the rest of the "Blaxploitation" series...

And here is the rest of the series - crackers, all of them!

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( Blaxploitation
( Blaxploitation

Blaxploitation 5: The Best Of Blaxploitation

This is the album that got me into 70's music. I heard it playing in the local CD shop in Eastbourne, U.K. back in early 2000. I heard a couple of tracks while browsing, thought "Wow, this rocks!" and bought it. Lots of pleasant surprises when I got home... all kinds of songs I'd heard dozens of times but never known artist or title. By that time the previous four albums in the series were almost impossible to find, but I made it my "mission" to do so (finally succeeding in tracking down #4 on Amazon in early 2004).

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First Post

So, my first foray into the blogosphere. Don't have a lot to say at the moment, other than the fact that, as the name of this blog would suggest, "It's all about the covers!"

I get really frustrated when I get new music (purchased, or downloaded from other blogs 'cause it ain't available anywhere else) and there's no cover available... anywhere... other than some out-of-focus, 150 x 150 pixel image which just looks shite in iTunes or on my iPod. Why have "CoverFlow" when you can't get good covers?

So, I figured I'd put out what I've found trawling through other blogs,, scans of my own CD collection, etc, etc. So as to avoid glaring copyright infringement, I'll try to only post 600 x 600 pixel covers (though they may sometimes be 500 x 500 if I can't find anything better) of things that are not currently available new on CD or vinyl. If anyone has covers to "donate", that will be great, though of course I'll mainly be focusing on covers for albums that match my own tastes. First covers coming soon...