Saturday, 11 June 2011

Gil Scott-Heron - Free Will (1972)

Gil Scott-Heron's third album is something of a mishmash of the first two - part confrontational, spoken word, rhythmic poetry, and part soul-jazz-funk-blues musical genius. On Side 1 - the music side - Gil, backed by many of the same musicians as on "Pieces Of A Man," excels. The title track, "The Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues," "Speed Kills" and "Did You Hear What They Said?" are all classics. Side 2 is a mixed bag, ranging from the blunt, paranoid conspiracy theory of "The King Alfred Plan" to the simple and subtle "Billy Green Is Dead" to the tongue-in-cheek flippancy of "Sex Education: Ghetto Style." Overall a bit of a mixed bag, but still a strong effort with typical Scott-Heron inventiveness and insight.

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